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Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV

It’s fair to say that the weather in the UK can make it feel as though there are more worse months than better months during the year. When winter hits, it can cause the most problems, with sleet, snow and torrential rain. As such, there are some vehicles that are better suited to the UK weather conditions than others, and these come in the form of SUVs. Recently, compact SUVs have been introduced to the market place, which are known as crossovers.

These types of vehicles come in a variety of guises, with two-wheel drive, four-wheel and all-wheel drive options. They are stylish, spacious and generally taller, wider and longer than other cars.

What are the benefits of an SUV?

  • As SUVs are generally higher than other cars on the road, you have the benefit of having a higher driving position. This can give you better visibility of the road and means that you can sometimes see over other traffic, enabling you to see hazards further away; 
  • Parking can be easier too due to the elevated seating position and greater visibility; 
  • Due to SUVs being taller, wider, longer and more robust vehicles, it follows that they are generally heavier than other cars on the road. This is a benefit in bad weather as it can lead to better handling and they can withstand the harsher weather conditions. They also come with larger wheels and tyres making them more stable in worse conditions; 
  • As a taller vehicle, SUVs also have greater ground clearance between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground. This leads to you being able to drive over obstacles such as snow that other cars wouldn’t normally be able to do; 
  • The four-wheel and all-wheel drive options give a massive advantage over the normal two-wheel drive vehicles. Snow, ice and slippery weather conditions are far better dealt with, making them a much safer option for you and your family; 
  • As mentioned above, SUVs are generally taller, wider and longer than many other normal road going cars. This gives them greater luggage capacity and makes them much more versatile…trips to your local tip can become less frequent and diy enthusiasts would definitely appreciate the extra space; 
  • It has to be said that the fuel consumption of SUVs when they were first introduced was pretty poor. However, given the advances in technology, the greener more efficient diesel and petrol engines, plus the improvements in the four-wheel and all-wheel drive technology, this has led to far better fuel consumption in today’s vehicles.

So, if you’re tempted by the benefits of the modern-day SUV or crossover, or you’re already looking around for your next SUV, give us a go. We would be more than happy to take the time, effort and pain out of shopping around for you to find the most suitable vehicle on the best deal we can.

Otherwise, if you’re still undecided on what type of vehicle would suit you and just want to have a chat about the way forward, please feel free to contact us.

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